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Precisely what is bulky waste collection?

Bulky waste collection is a service provided by most local councils in the UK. Items that are too big for any regular bin are typically left outside about the pavement along with a vehicle is sent round to recover them.

Simply how much does it cost?

Some councils provide this particular service cost-free to residents yet others charge a nominal fee that may be any where from a couple pounds per item to in excess of ?100 per collection. Others tend not to charge unless you exceed a definite number of collections in any given year.

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What are classed as bulky items?

Samples of bulky items collected include furniture including chairs, tables, beds, mattresses and wardrobes; and big domestic appliances including cookers, televisions and fridge-freezers. Many councils also collect garden waste as part of their bulky waste collection service for example hedge or tree cuttings.

What items are not collected?

Many councils do not collect refurbishment items for example fitted bathroom or kitchen units discarded during DIY or refurbishment activities. Other things that councils often don't collect include car parts, radiators, builders/trade waste, rubble, stone, soil or bricks.

What happens to the waste?

Most councils aim to divert the maximum quantity of bulky items they collect from landfill or incineration. Many work closely with external organisations, sending items for reuse or perhaps to specialist recycling plants. As landfill tax continues to rise, more and more waste is going to be diverted.

Are there options to the council collection service?

Some companies present an excellent option to council bulky waste collection services. Although you will have to pay money for the service, it will always be much more convenient because they can take virtually any items and may usually respond within 48 hours. The best services include labour to get rid of items from inside the property even sweep up afterwards.